Why choose us ?

  • Our drivers are Speaking English, & well trained, safe, professional.
  • We provides you a 100% freedom to choose your travel in the way you want.
  • We don't use any car, coach older than 2 years.
  • Our driver doubles as your friend, philosopher and guide as he shows you heart of India.
  • Cheapest car rental tariff as compairing to other car rental companies.
  • Special discounts on bookings.

About HV Travels

Taxi Rental Amritsar, an active car and coach rental organization located in Amritsar, currently service a wide range of business and holiday clientele for their specific travel requirement. We are Car Rentals and provide Car rental services to the all over north India since 2014. With dedicated professionals, we provide all kinds of travel opportunities and for everyone with warmth and traditional Indian hospitality.

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